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Corporate Social Responsibility:
At our company, we attach great importance to corporate social responsibility. We strive for sustainable business operations that contribute to preserving the environment, the health of our employees and the development of the younger generation of employees.
To achieve this, we have joined various initiatives and certifications, including Sustainable Bulb Cultivation Drenthe (via our contract grower), MPS ABC registration, Global GAP and SBB. In addition, with our product we permanently capture approximately 3 tons of CO2 annually in our product and we only use green electricity generated from wind energy.
Sustainable bulb cultivation Drenthe is an initiative in which governments, the growers and sector, crop consultants and researchers work closely together to make bulb cultivation structurally sustainable with a major impact on the environment. By means of experiments on a practical scale and multi-year trials, new methods and systems are tested that make a major contribution to reducing the environmental impact. Local residents, interested parties and resident groups are closely involved in the results and regularly informed of progress.
MPS ABC registration is a certification for sustainable production, which looks at the use of crop protection agents, energy consumption, and waste management, among other things. With this certification, we demonstrate that we grow our lily bulbs in a sustainable way and limit our impact on the environment.
In addition, we have also registered with Global GAP, a certification that focuses on food safety, sustainability, and social aspects of production. This demonstrates that we are committed to responsible cultivation and production of our lily bulbs.
In addition to these certifications, we are also active as a training company for young people. We believe it is important to give young people the opportunity to gain experience in the agricultural sector and develop on a personal and professional level. By training and mentoring young people, we contribute to the future of the agricultural sector and help young people develop important skills and knowledge. that is why we are a participant of SBB.
SBB is a Dutch organization that focuses on the collaboration between vocational education and the business sector. SBB is responsible for recognizing and guiding training companies, developing qualification dossiers, and advising the government on the alignment of education with the labor market. SBB also supports schools and companies in designing internships and apprenticeships for students in vocational education and practical education. The aim of SBB is to improve the quality of vocational education and strengthen the alignment of education with the labor market.
Permanent CO2 fixation: The lily flower bulb cultivation of Lily Company BV permanently stores 286.902 kg CO2 every year in the flower bulb production of 110 hectares of lilies. This lily bulbs are sold for garden and park planting and therefore the flower bulbs continue to fix CO2, adding to the amount stored. Lily residues contain 21% dry matter and lilies yield 2,268 kg of dry matter per hectare, with 450 kg of effective organic matter delivered per hectare per year.
In short, by participating in Sustainable Bulb Cultivation Drenthe, MPS ABC registration and Global GAP and by dying as a training company for young people and the permanent CO2 capture, we show that as a lily bulb cultivation company we are actively committed to corporate social responsibility and contribute to a sustainable future.