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Lilium Double Lady

Lilium Double Lady

This striking dark pink Asiatic lily is a feast for the eyes. The double flowers give this lily a particularly rich appearance. The flowers have multiple layers of pink petals that blend into each other, creating a beautiful color gradient. This lily is an excellent choice for creating a dramatic effect in the garden or in a floral arrangement.

Another striking feature of this lily is that it is pollen-free. This means that the flowers do not produce pollen and therefore do not leave yellow stains or marks on clothing or surfaces. This makes this lily ideal for people with allergies or those who simply do not want messy flowers.

This lily is easy to grow and thrives in well-drained soil and a sunny spot. It is a hardy plant that blooms year after year, making it a cost-effective and sustainable choice for gardeners. Additionally, this lily attracts bees and butterflies, which helps to increase biodiversity in the garden.

In summary, this striking dark pink Asiatic lily with double flowers and no pollen is a beautiful choice for both gardeners and florists. With its rich appearance, easy cultivation, and insect-friendly properties, this lily is a must-have for any garden lover.

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