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Asian Lily Crowned as the Summer Bulb of the Year 2024
Lily Company B.V. is thrilled to announce that the Asian Lily has been named the Summer Bulb of the Year 2024. Once primarily admired in vases, it is now taking over gardens with its impressive trumpet-shaped flowers in various colors, truly becoming eye-catchers.
Masterpieces in Nature
Known as one of the first lily varieties to bloom in summer, the Asian Lily is robust and easily cultivated. These lilies range in height from 30 cm to an impressive 1.5 meters. The array of flower colors is diverse, spanning from creamy white to deep purple, and from light pink to bright orange. Some lilies even boast multicolored or speckled flowers, making them true masterpieces in nature. Additionally, there is a growing variety with filled or pollen-free flowers.
Robust Beauties
Originating from Asia and Europe, Asian Lilies are winter-hardy, capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -25°C. Plant the bulbs in autumn or spring (as long as it doesn't freeze) in a location with a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day and well-draining soil. Plant the bulbs two to three times as deep as the bulb size (approximately 15 cm deep), with the pointed end facing upward. Provide 'cool feet' to the lilies by adding a mulch layer of a few centimeters of bark, leaves, or straw, or plant them among other crops. Don't forget to water after planting.
Helpful Tips:
Plant lavender or marigolds alongside your Asian Lilies to deter harmful insects or attract beneficial ones.
For dwarf varieties, pots or containers are ideal; ensure proper drainage for excess water.
Feel free to cut a flower stem and place it in a vase for a homegrown floral arrangement.
Explore the beautiful world of Asian Lilies with our exclusive varieties, including Lilium Tiny Invader, Lilium Tiny Todd, and Lilium Orange Art. Add a touch of exotic elegance to your garden and revel in the enchanting beauty of the Summer Bulb of the Year 2024.

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