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New entrants at Lily Company B.V.
It has been 14 years since Lily Company B.V. was taken over from Piet Groot by Jan Willem Metzelaar, Paul van Egdom and Bot Flowerbulbs B.V. (cousins Evert and Edward).


This existing situation has changed as of July 1, 2023. Last Tuesday July 18 Bot Flowerbulbs B.V. withdrew as director of Lily Company B.V. and Giel Visser and Rick Metzelaar joined as directors/shareholders of Lily Company B.V. With this change, the continuity of Lily Company B.V. is ensured for the longer term.


We are very grateful to Evert Bot and Edward Bot for everything they have done for Lily Company B.V. over the past years and for giving us this opportunity to grow independently. In the future, we will continue to participate in the Dutch Lily Days together with Bot Flowerbulbs B.V. and maintain a close collaboration.


We are very pleased to welcome our new shareholders:
- Rick Metzelaar (28 years old) has gained a lot of work experience in greenhouse work at home and abroad and has been working at Lily Company B.V. since 2017. He will mainly focus on the cultivation and processing of the lilies.
- Giel Visser (32 years old) has gained experience in the dry sale of flower bulbs and the sale of cut flowers and has been working at Lily Company B.V. since 2013. He will mainly focus on sales.

So they have both been working at Lily Company B.V. for a long time and for both it is the next step in their careers.

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