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June ideal for planting lilies in pots


The month of June is wonderful, you notice that summer is starting, nice long days, the sun shines more often and becomes more powerful. Although lilies can be bought and planted all year round, June is the perfect month to plant lilies in pots. Due to the summer temperatures, they will grow quickly and after a few weeks you can show of with beautiful lily flowers. All types of lilies can be perfectly planted in pots, so you can opt for cozy little lilies in pots or impressively large lilies in planters. In this way it is always possible to create a festive atmosphere in the garden but also in the house with this flower. That's because this flower with its long history is a beautiful flower full of meaning.


Pot of lilies


Lilies are often large and impressive, which is what makes them so special. Some flowers can have a diameter of 25 centimeters. However, there are also many beautiful small varieties that are great fun to use in a smaller way. You can plant them anywhere as long as you can put soil in it and drain water out. Be creative, look for something in your cupboards and use, for example, an old teapot or old pan! Drill a hole in the bottom and plant a few lily bulbs in it. As soon as they start to grow it's already a pleasure! And after a few weeks they bloom profusely.

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