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Lay fleece cloths against the frost.


It is exciting every year in March when the biennial lily planting material comes out of the ground. Will it freeze or not. If the leaves of the biennial lily planting material are just above the ground, they are very sensitive to freezing and you can lose your entire yield in the event of frost. The last weekend of March, it looked like the chance of frost had passed and we were about to roll into spring. So there was good hope that we could save a lot of labor and material costs this year. The following Monday, however, the meteorologists predicted night frost again and even snow for the first weekend of April, so this year too the plots with biennial lily planting material had to be covered. The fleece cloth remains on it as long as the night frost lasts and is removed again as soon as possible. Hopefully the night frost will stay away after that, but if there is a chance of night frost again later, the fleece cloths will be laid out again. This process is repeated for as long as necessary.

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