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Lilies make you happy.
Lilies modern? Certainly! Lily flowers fit perfectly in a contemporary industrial interior. Not only do they contrast in a special way with the rough and raw environment, but they are also very functional.
Usable powers
The main features of an industrial interior are rough, unpolished spaces with functional elements. Lilies fit in extremely well with this because flowers have useful powers? Research has shown that lily flowers are not only beautiful, but that they unconsciously make us very happy and that any negative feelings disappear like snow in the sun. That's great!
Not all types of flowers fit in an industrial interior, because the functional that there is has large shapes. A large kitchen, large lamps and so large flowers fit there. Many types of lilies have very large flowers, not only in all conceivable soft and hard colors, but also black or white. And some varieties can easily grow 2 to 3 meters high! But the small-flowered martagon lilies are also ideal for a modern interior. Lilies are therefore always the perfect match for the tough and rough environment.
Enjoy lily flowers for a long time.
A lily can be kept in the vase for about 10 to 14 days. Do you want to enjoy these fantastic functional flowers for as long as possible? Then read the following tips:
1. Cut the stems diagonally about 5 centimeters and zip the leaves off the stem that would otherwise end up in the water.
2. Make sure the vase is clean and fill it with clean water.
3. Make sure there is no dirt such as leaves in the water.
4. Place the lilies in a light place, but not in direct sunlight. Bright sunlight makes the flowers fade more quickly.
5. Water the lilies fresh every 3-4 days.
6. Always cut an extra centimeter diagonally from the stem while changing the water. The stems will not become blocked and can absorb water well.
• Did you know that there are lilies that have little or no scent? If you don't like lily scent, it is best to choose Asiatic, LA and double lilies.
• Do you have a pollen stain on your clothes? Do not rub or polish with a cloth. To remove the stain, blow, use a dry brush, let it dry in the sun, or go over the pollen with an adhesive tape.

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