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Martagon flower production


This year we have again started harvesting the flowers of our martagon lilies. The growing conditions have been favorable this spring so the quality of the martagon flowers is excellent. Also this year it appears that martagon lilies lend themselves very well to perennial flower production. If you want to cut martagon flowers in the spring, it is important to plant the bulbs of the martagon lilies in the fall before. That way you can harvest flowers the following spring. The great thing about martagon lilies is that you can simply leave them in the ground after the flower harvest and harvest flowers from them again the following year. You can also grow martagon lilies in a greenhouse to bring the supply period forward. Here too, it is possible to harvest from the same planting for at least two years in a row. Once harvested, martagon flowers can be kept dry in the cold store very well so that processing and supply can be extended for several weeks.

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