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<h1>Planet Proof Lilies</h1>


Planet Proof Lilies

On October 31, 2017,Lily Company BV was the first lily flower bulb producing company to receive thePlanet Proof label.

With Planet Proof, LilyCompany BV is working towards achieving a number of sustainability goals as defined by the Consultative body for sustainable trade in bulbs and perennials concerning;
◦ Energy
Productionand Consumption
◦ Climate
◦ Water
◦ Soil, Landscapeand Biodiversity

For the time being, alimited number of Planet Proof cultivars are available, but we hope to be ableto expand this number steadily in the coming years.

In order to achieve theset goals Lily Company BV, together with the main players in the flower bulbmarket, has committed itself to the "Manifest sustainable trade flowerbulbs and perennials" defined by the Royaltrade association for tree nursery and bulb products "Anthos".

Thismanifest contains the following agreements:

1. We actively involve the producers of flower bulbs and perennials in realizing our objectives and we support them in the transition to Planet Proof and the necessary certifications that go with it. Together with them, we also strive to reduce the use of neonicotinoids and other harmful butby law permitted crop protection products and to invest in research into product safety for people and the environment;

2. In order to make the product chain more sustainable and guarantee the product quality in it, we work together with the relevant stakeholders in the sector,including producers, retailers, consumer organizations, certifying organizations and control and knowledge institutes.

3. For the development and operation of the quality and sustainability program, we use the knowledge and the network of the sector organization Anthos and the research organization iBulb.

4. Independent of developments in the market, ethics and corporate social responsibility aspects will be ensured through the sustainability program;

5. Supervision of the participating companies will be carried out by the independent institutions
SMK / Planetproof (Foundation Environmental label) and the MPS-group.

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