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Promotional bags lily bulbs Reformed Church

The Reformed Church in Andijk asked us at the beginning of this year whether we could make 1000 bags of lily bulbs with a coloured label for them to distribute at the various supermarkets in the area. Because we can design and manufacture colour labels in-house, we were able to offer them personalized color labels with an out-line image of their church building so that they could subtly promote their church community. In the first week of April they distributed the bags to random customers of the supermarkets. Now, 4 months later, it is nice to see that the recipients appreciate this gesture and have given the bulbs a nice place in their garden. If you now walk around in the village you will see in many gardens the 5 different colours of Asian lilies that were in the distribution bags. Most people have planted the lilies in the ground and some have planted them in pots, but everyone has a colourful result. All in all, the action of the Reformed Church in Andijk was a success and is certainly worth repeating.

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